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Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Why massage? There can be an appreciation of a massage and its benefits only after understanding why it is necessary. We must start at the beginning with muscles. Skeletal muscles amount to 60 percent of the horse’s total body weight and provide motion. Logically muscles are also the source of motion problems. The purpose of massage is to identify spasms or stress points and relieve them restoring to normal free movement. Over stretched and over stressed muscles as the result of accidents and injuries, as well as competition, can be addressed restoring motion and relieving pain immediately in many cases. Spasms will not relieve themselves with rest and exercise. They must be manually relieved through various techniques. The sooner soreness behaviors are recognized and muscles relieved the better, not only for performance and safety, but for the general health of the horse. 

We apply a systematic approach to the horse's body that blends the concepts of massage and intuitive listening.  The goal is to assist the horse's body, putting it in a position to effectively heal itself.  There are conformation elements, soft-tissue elements, emotional elements, muscle memory elements, nutritional elements, toxicity elements…finding the balance takes more than good technique.  We call this Touch with Intent, combining science and art, focused on the relationship between caring and healing. This all gives the whole horse a beautiful opportunity to heal. 

This methodology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult with your veterinarian regarding any health issues with your horse.

Member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists.

Certified by Equissage, Texas.

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