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How does one even begin to contemplate the journey they are on. I am not sure when things started to change, but they did. When the horses came into my life, they grabbed my heart, and said hang on…and things will evolve as God sees it. I have always been a spiritual person, but the depth and breadth of where one can venture, with an open mind, is amazing. When led by a living work of art, dimensions fly open, and time seems to stand still. I have experienced the beauty and simplicity of an honest relationship with the horse, and the partnership between human and horse is a privilege and a trust that must never be violated. The horse shows us a deep, abiding, impersonal love that comes naturally from the heart. This love does not expect anything in return, but simply radiates emotional warmth and caring. It is a love of acceptance, and non-judgement. When one loves in this manner, thoughtfulness and kindness follow as a rainbow follows rain. I think of it as loving kindness.

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Practicing Animal Husbandry for over 18 years, and with many years of research on my own part, all my animals live as natural a lifestyle as I can provide them on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Learning about Wholistic practices has assisted me in becoming more intuitive for what is needed. Becoming certified in Equine Sports Massage therapy, and participating in many clinics, lectures and workshops, brings together barefoot hoof health and soundness, nutritional balance, biomechanics, anatomy, nervous system, homeopathy, and equine facilitated coaching. This provides a comprehensive wellness program for everyone. I take a lot of time and let the horses communicate to me what is needed. The horse is always right!

I have provided a History of the Andalusian/Lusitano, which is one of my favorite breeds. There are also some beautiful images in our photo gallery of our stallion, Salvaje. I have been fortunate enough to feel the heart of a stallion, and he has been one of my biggest teachers. He is retired, and living out his life here…in peace, along with his other buddies, Brioso, Chabello, and Arion. I have been so incredibly blessed!

We encourage any questions about the wisdom we have accumulated over the years, as we have patiently “listened” and “learned” from our furry four legged friends, be it, horse, dog or cat!

You can contact us at info@ranchconbrio.com

In Munay, the way of love and beauty!