The Heavens

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Dearest Friends,

I dedicate the above prayer to my beautiful Bucanero. Buc was called to return home to the Great Horse Nation. Buc and I had a unique, horse/human relationship. Having to care for a horse that has health issues presents challenges every single day, and the lessons and rewards are many. One of the most profound things that Buc taught me was to see past the physical, to see the beauty, kindness and love, and most of all the STRENGTH of the spirit and soul.

Thank you Buc for all the gifts you generously shared with me. Thanks also to all the people that supported this situation over the years, and never gave up.

We want to also include our other 4 legged friends, in honor of the time we had them in our lives;

AV Maria Suenos, Peruvian mare
RCB Angelica, Peruvian foal

Schnitzel, Schnauzer
Gretel, Schnauzer



Bye for now, my sweet dear friends!

Love Always, Cyndi